Eastertide 2021


Portraits of the First Followers

portrait image.png

This Eastertide Pastor Dave will bring a series of messages on the traditional lectionary texts from the Book of Acts. The First Followers are those who were swept up in the Jesus movement in the days after his crucifixion and resurrection from the dead. Pastor Dave will look at these days through the experiences of five very different individuals: Barnabas, the man lame from birth, the High Priests, Cornelius, and a follower who was present at the Ascension.

Sunday April 11:  In the first message of the series we will explore the touching experience of Barnabas, a Levite from Cyprus, who came to be known as “the son of encouragement” (April 11; Acts 4:32-25).

Sunday April 18: In the second message we look at the electric encounter with Peter of the man lame from birth (April 18; Acts 3:1-19).

Sunday April 25: The third message returns us to the courts of the High Priests where the explosive case of the lame man’s healing is adjudicated (April 25; Acts 4:1-12).


Sunday May 2: In the fourth message, Pastor Jimmy will focus on Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch. This passage is a captivating challenge to the ways in which our faith can exclude others who are different from us.


Sunday May 9: In the fifth message in the series we focus on Cornelius, the exciting account of the first Gentile to receive Christ in the Book of Acts (May 9; Acts 10:44-48).

Sunday May 16: The sixth message is on the Ascension theme and we will examine the transcendent events of Acts 1:1-26 (May 16) and how this day was experienced by Jesus’ most intimate followers.

Sunday May 23: On Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Jimmy will round out the series as he brings a message on the descent of the Holy Spirit on the First Followers on the Day of Pentecost.