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This sermon series will tackle one of the Bible’s most challenging books!

We will be exploring the plight of poor Job as the heavens duel over the question, ‘Does not Job serve God simply for his own selfinterest?’ Put another way, the book asks if there is such a thing as truly selfless piety.


The story lays bare a yawning gulf between Job’s understanding of his suffering and God’s purposes. The Book of Job challenges some of our cherished views about the nature of God and our experience of Him, and yet it ultimately strengthens us in faith.


Through this series, Pastor Dave hopes to deepen our commitment to the God who gives his creatures freedom to act and yet remains the God of justice and wisdom.


The morning message will premier on our youtube channel at 10:30 AM. Each Sunday Evening we will also host a discussion on the passage at 7 PM on Zoom (links below).


January 10: It’s All About the Gulf

January 17: Miserable Comforters, Windy Words

January 24: The Way Of Wisdom

January 31: God Holds Forth

February 7: Job For Christians


How To Read Job

Walton & Longmen III

Job by


Longmen III


The Bible For Normal 

People Podcast with

Pete Enns - Job

In this video Tremper Longman III, author of the above commentary on Job, gives an overview of the Wisdom books of the Old Testament. He talks about Job at the 37min mark of the lecture.

In this lecturre, John Walton introduces Job and gives a general overview about what the book is about. 


JOB 38-40