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Kids Blowing Bubbles

Kid's Ministries

Our Kid's Matter

We are passionate about the next generation! We desire for church to be their springboard, the place they encounter God's love and are inspired to go and share this good news with others. Here they will connect with friends, meet caring leaders who will speak into their lives and of course have a lot of fun while making memories together.

Hi Vic Naz Kids and Parents,


Below you will find a video for Preschool and Kindergarten age and a video for Elementary age. We encourage you to watch them while your parents are watching the sermon or at some other point on a Sunday. In these times when we can't come to Church we can feel disconnected to others and to God but let's remember that he is always right there for you to pray to, worship, and learn from wherever you are. We hope these lessons encourage you and help you live out your faith this week.

Preschool and Kindergarten  Video

Grades 1-4

Grades  5-7

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