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Our leadership model is changing at Victoria Church of the Nazarene and we know you have important questions to ask. Here you will find our letter to the congregation as well as other frequently asked questions. If we haven't answered your question here please send us an email at vicnazlead@gmail.com. We are so excited to see what God has in store for this season in His church. 
As questions are asked, answers will be posted below. 
We want to thank everyone for all your notes of encouragement and support. We are excited to see what the Lord has for His church in this next season.
Q: How does this affect current staff?
A: At this time the Board and Lead Team continue to work with the current staff as we seek God's direction for our church. We are both grateful for our staff and excited to see where the Lord takes us.

To our dear church family,

It is with excitement and anticipation during a very trying time in our world that we write this letter to you. We believe that our church has been on a God-led journey over the past year. This journey has placed us in a profound position of seeking what the Lord has next in the life of Victoria Church of the Nazarene. You have all been such an important part of this journey through prayer and support and those that have been put into a place of leadership have felt that support along the way. Your District Superintendent, Board, Lead Team, and Search Committee have all come to a unanimous direction for our church and we want to share this exciting direction with you.

With endorsement from the Board, we are embarking on a different leadership model for our church moving forward. With their approval, Dr. David Neale will permanently join the staff as our Preaching Pastor. This position will look similar to what we have been blessed with over the past six months as Pastor Dave pours the Word of God over our congregation on most Sunday mornings. Placing Dave and Christine in our midst on October 13th has been another reflection of how God loves and cares for his people. Neither Dave and Christine, nor our church family had any idea of the stirring of our souls that would take place, and yet as we all trusted, God has been working. We will see Dave and Christine remain here until Sunday, May 10th. After that Sunday they will return to Brandon to begin the process of moving their lives to Victoria. During the following few months, Pastor Dave (as well as others we will call on to provide pulpit support), will continue to preach to us through a videotaped message. We hope the Neales will return to us by mid-summer.

We previously mentioned a new leadership model for our church and we would like to expand on that. During this process, we spent time with Pastor Gary discussing the workload he had on him as our church grew and whether he believed the model he worked under was sustainable moving forward. His openness to this question helped us realize that we may need to look at something different than we have been accustomed to. The Search Committee is continuing to search for a Lead Pastor, albeit with a slightly different approach. The Lead Pastor will have spiritual authority in our church and Pastor Dave will work in harmony with the Lead Pastor as they share some of the pulpit time. While Pastor Dave holds more of the pulpit time, the Lead Pastor will plan, equip and disciple us in the direction that the Lord leads. As Pastor Dave removes some of the responsibility of speaking each week the Lead Pastor will have additional time to support the vision for the church and mentor other staff and congregants. Though the future Lead Pastor and Pastor Dave will collaborate, the direction of our services and church will be governed by the Lead Pastor. On weeks Pastor Dave is not preaching he will be engaging through other means, possibly to a different demographic in our church. During our transition time, there was an important emphasis put on our youth and young adults and we want you to know this has not changed. Though we are changing the model of leadership we have not lost focus on what this congregation said was important and we believe we are taking the necessary steps to fulfill that vision.

While we are excited about what has transpired over the past few months, we are aware that you may have questions. With that in mind, we have set up an email address for you to directly send your queries, vicnazlead@gmail.com. Answers to your questions will be posted on a Question & Answer page (Q&A) on our website. As the Search Committee continues to seek a Lead Pastor, the interim LEAD team will continue to work with church staff to provide leadership in the day to day matters of the church. When it comes time to ‘call’ our new Lead Pastor, the church membership will be formally engaged in this process.

Your Church Staff, Board, Search Committee, Lead Team, and District Superintendent have felt led by the Lord as we have been moving forward, and though this has not played out in the traditional manner of the Church of the Nazarene, it is with great faith and expectation that we will continue to wait on the Lord for what is next. We believe that He has held us, sustained us and led us this far and He will continue to as we seek His will. In unity we will continue to move forward, seeking new ways to share the gospel with our neighbourhood, city, and abroad. Our mandate as a church has not changed and we continue to need your prayers as we are led by Him to be the visible handprint of God.

In His service,

Your church leadership

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