Frequently Asked Questions About Our Current Transition

Lead Pastor Candidate Q&A

As questions are asked, answers will be posted below. 
We want to thank everyone for all your notes of encouragement and support. We are excited to see what the Lord has for His church in this next season.
Q: What will living accomodations look like?
A: The accommodation plans will kick into full gear once we know what the decision of the congregation is moving forward. With 5 kids and two good sized dogs we will be continuing to lean on the Lord for provision. I am sure that we are going to require our church family to keep their ears and eyes open for a suitable location and home for them. 
Q: What will the preaching schedule look like?
A: The preaching schedule will be worked out between our Lead Pastor and Pastor Dave. One of the candidate's gifts is recognizing that leadership is more effective from a round table than from a head table. We believe that with the candidate's leadership, He and Dave will organize direction and frequency. Dave has always been hoping that eventually he would be preaching approximately three weeks on and one week off. The flexibility that they develop over time will contribute to the direction and frequency that they are at the pulpit. We believe that other opportunities for staff may also influence the who and the when. 
Q: Why does the candidate want to leave their current position after only 3 years?
A: I'm not sure we always know why God calls us from one place to another. What I can assure you of is the candidate has had a calling on his ministry over the past few years that aligns with the calling that our church has felt as we have been embarking on a model of church ministry that is different then what we have experienced in the past (Preaching being organized differently from the Lead Pastor position). The church that the candidate is currently in has a strong Hispanic community and I know that the candidate has mentioned to us that he believes a bilingual minister would have a greater reach in his church as he sees that Hispanic community grow.
Q: What will immigration look like for the candidate especially given COVID-19 restrictions?
A: We contacted our District Superintendent on this question as normally the D.S has experience on the complexities of pastoral moves.  He said "that although a pastor is not deemed an essential service, and while casual travel and significant business movement is restricted, immigration and the issuing of  work permits have not been discontinued. It's certainly possible that this process could be slowed somewhat, but we're told to expect about 6 weeks from the time we initiate application before the candidate and their family can enter the country. Then, assuming Covid-19 restrictions haven't been altered, the family will have to self-quarantine for 14 days."  So we will just need to run the course and trust that God will guide us along the way. 
Q: What does this mean for our current staff?
A: As for today, staff will continue to work and we will continue to be incredibly grateful that they have been here with us through this unique and challenging year. Since before Pastor Gary's retirement, we have been dialoguing with staff about their future and where they see the Lord calling them in their ministry. When we have confirmation that we have a new lead pastor, the responsibility will begin to be worn by that individual as he/she, the board and existing staff, explores our church's needs. Do current staff feel led to serve in the areas of church ministry that the church recognizes as being most important moving forward? Do current staff feel God leading them in another direction? Though there is still some uncertainty remaining around current staff's future, we move forward with excitement, acknowledging that what we want to do is be obedient in our service and stewardship to our church family and most importantly to our Lord.